Your Personal Consultation: What to Expect?

A visit with a holistic nutritionist can be a very informative experience. Holistic Nutritionists assess and properly address or correct specific nutritional imbalances and devise a customized diet that matches an individual’s health and nutritional needs.

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  • First Session

    Your first session will be approximately 1-1.5 hours in length. You will bring in a 7-day Wellness Journal which can be downloaded on this website or picked up at the Better Living Centre, along with a Holistic Wellness Questionnaire. Glenda will do a complete evaluation including a Body Composition Measurement (including weight, body fat%, hydration, bone mass and size and appropriate daily caloric intake), health/personal goals, main concerns, health/personal history, diet diary review and any questions the client may have. Glenda will set some goals for you for the week and assign a Nutri-body® Questionnaire for the client to complete at home. The questionnaire reveals specific imbalances and deficiencies in the body according to your symptoms.

    • 90 minute Initial Visit Nutritional Consultation $75 + GST
  • Second Session

    The second session (1-2) weeks after the first visit, is normally 45 – 60 minutes in length. At this time your individual assessment results are reviewed and a personal nutrition program is implemented. Each session will include an educational component geared to your needs and interest as well as goal setting. This may also include lifestyle modifications, exercise, supplementation and relaxation techniques.

    • 45 minute 2nd session $50 + GST
    • 60 minute 2nd session $60 + GST
  • Follow-up

    Follow-up sessions provide support, track progress,and guide further direction. They are determined on an individual basis and can last anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

    • 15 minute follow up Session $20 + GST
    • 30 minute follow up session $40 + GST
    • 45 minute follow up session $50 + GST

  • Mini Vitamin Review

    Have questions about supplements you are taking or would like to take. Book a mini review.

    • 10 minute vitamin review consultation $15 + GST
  • image019Vitamin Review Consultation

    Not sure which vitamins are right for your body? Bring your bottles in to us. Let Glenda determine which vitamins and minerals you may be lacking and how to purchase the right supplements for you. Vitamin Review clients get a 10% discount on our in-stock supplementation and natural products.

    • 1 hour vitamin review consultation$65 + GST
  • image020Meal Plan Preparation

    For those who want a specific daily plan to follow. These plans are individualized to your own preferences and nutritional needs. This plan will be based on your caloric needs after assessment. Most of us over-consume calories, which is why we struggle to lose weight. With a meal plan you will enjoy nutritionally balanced meals, and delight in healthy, sustainable weight loss. Weekly meal plans include grocery shopping lists and recipes.

    • 1 Week meal plan $115 + GST
  • Weekly Food Journal Review

    Glenda will review your emailed food journal once each week and provide email feedback. This is great for those who want to know just where they are with calories or the balance of carbs, protein and fat, etc. This is like a live-in coach.

    • 4 week period $199.00 + GST
  • image021Sports Nutrition Consultation

    At Better Living Nutrition we’ve helped athletes improve their daily dietary habits. Let Glenda custom design a meal plan to suit your training schedule, allowing you to work out more efficiently. Perfect for sports teams, bodybuilders and track athletes.

    • 60 minute sport nutrition consultation $75 + GST
    • 30 minute follow Up Session $45 + GST
  • image022Healthy Vegetarian or Vegan Consultation

    Not sure if you’re meeting your vegetarian or vegan nutritional needs? Let Glenda design a customized meal plan that suits your special diet and lifestyle. Consultation includes vitamin recommendations, education handouts and lots of delicious recipes. Regardless of type or age we can design a customizable program for you.

    • 60 minute vegetarian consultation $65 + GST
    • 30 minute follow up session $45 + GST
  • image023Pre or Post Natal Nutritional Consultation

    Whether you’ve conceived or are planning to conceive, let us take the guesswork out of your nutritional needs. During this 1-hour consultation Glenda will design a meal plan focusing on foods to promote healthy development of your baby. Recommendations for diet, lifestyle and supplementation are presented, and clients are asked to submit a 5-7 day food log prior to consultation.

    • 60 minute pre or post natal consultation $70 + GST
    • 30 minute follow Up Session $45 + GST
  • image024The Glowing Bride Package

    The prettiest wedding dress will look even better against luminous skin and lustrous hair. Most nutritionists agree that what you eat can make all the difference in how you look.

    Many skin conditions are a result of internal problems.  It’s for this reason that it’s practically impossible to have beautiful skin if you have a terrible diet, a non-existent exercise program, little sleep and poorly managed stress. Better Living Nutrition and its emphasis on real, whole and fresh food, stress management and exercise and relaxation,  as well as treating the person, not the symptoms. Thus you will have glowing skin by the time it’s your turn to say “I do”. You’ll also be less bridezilla-ish. Your groom can thank us later.

    • $175 Glowing Bride Package includes 3Nutrition Consult sessions and 3 Infrared Sauna Massage Sessions.
    • The whole bridal party is welcome to consult with Better Living Nutrition and learn how to “show their glow” and if you can get the groom here, he will receive a $5 coupon just for showing up!
  • image025Kitchen Pantry Raid

    Glenda will come to your house, raid your kitchen cabinets and fridge to show you what is lurking in your kitchen that could be sabotaging your goals. She will create a healthy grocery shopping list with you and teach you how to stock your kitchen for better nutrition.

    • 1.25 hours $135.00 + GST (out of town-$0.50 per kilometer will be added)
    • 30 minute follow Up Session $45 + GST
  • image026Grocery Store Tour

    Glenda will take you grocery shopping, teach you how to shop healthfully and cost effectively. You will learn how to decipher the mixed messages of food packaging and learn how to read labels and shop based on a meal plan. She will also provide a healthy grocery shopping list and a handout of tips to help you navigate the grocery store.

    • 2 hours $135.00 + GST
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