Weight Loss

There are nine factors that contribute to weight gain and what we eat is only one of them.

Other Factors Include:

  1. Stress – exhausted adrenal glands contribute to weight gain
  2. Lack of exercise – dieting alone is not enough
  3. Metabolism – low thyroid function makes losing weight more difficult
  4. Toxic liver – the liver is the second most important organ after the heart.  It is important to keep the liver clean so it’s able to process hormones, detoxify the body, clean the blood, manufacture bile to help digest fat, and many other functions.
  5. Hormones – when hormones are not balanced, especially estrogen (in both men and women) the result is "Jelly Belly"
  6. Genetics – children born to overweight parents are at risk of being born with more fat cells
  7. Skipping Meals – many people believe if we skip meals the body will use stored fat for fuel.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Going longer than 6 hours between eating during the day can have serious consequences.
  8. Medications – especially anti-depressants contribute to weight gain.

I can help you to determine what’s causing your weight challenges, and design a program specific to you. I will make dietary and exercise recommendations, and suggestions to help put your body systems back into balance so that weight loss comes more easily and naturally.

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