The Changing Nutritional Needs of Women & Men over 40

If you’re woman or a man over 40, what you might be accepting as a consequence of aging in part can be the cumulative result of not getting the right balance of quality rest, hydration and nutrients, and it applies to everyone under the age of 50 too!

When Hippocrates (Father of modern medicine) said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, most people didn’t really know much about food and nutrition… The average lifespan was just 30 years of age which is about 1/3 of today’s Western lifespan.

Glenda, Better Living Centre nutritionist, will help you eliminate the guesswork to get better results. There is a considerable difference in guessing which foods, vitamins or nutritional supplements might be right for your body’s needs vs. the expert guidance of a
skilled registered holistic nutritionist!

Our commitment at Better Living Centre has always been about helping people experience remarkable results...

by understanding what’s happening in their body, sharing accurate nutritional information, coaching on how to adopt the most appropriate nutrition and lifestyle patterns that underpin healing and prevention for long-term balance and well-being.

In many cases, we solve the unsolvable!

We also take the mystery out of healthy eating, nutrition & lifestyle choices and show you why your current lifestyle, food choices, ingredients and food combinations may be holding you back. Through nutritional consultations, we’ll help you address problems and enhance your understanding of healthy choices in diet, lifestyle and nutrition.

Good health is not a privilege, you have a natural right and deserve to experience excellent health daily!

Nutrition consulting will help you identify, understand and address poor health conditions caused by an imbalance of nutrients, either an excess or deficiency, which in turn, affect bodily functions, cumulatively over time.

The first step is to stop guessing which to choose.

Before we make any recommendations, we help you understand what’s happening in your body, and why.

At Better Living Nutrition we assess for root-cause conditions contributing to the concerns (and your goals), explain the findings. We then recommend a program that is easy to understand and follow that will help your body rebuild and heal, restore your feelings of good health and return you to a more natural state of balance.

Nutrient dense food or colorful, well labeled packages?

Most people these days know good nutrition is an essential part of every living organism’s survival. Yet more and more people who are following the modern diet of processed foods are becoming particularly sensitive to the metabolic and physiological responses of the body.
Our food selections and combinations have a direct impact on our ability to be truly healthy, because of excessive use of nutrient-poor, unnatural man-made foods found in most grocery store aisles and fast food restaurants.

  • The primarily focus of nutrition consulting is in prevention of illness. The purpose of this is to promote exceptional health, vitality and wellness.  A holistic, balanced approach.
  • Nutritional consultants evaluate the symptoms, diet and lifestyle of people suffering from health disorders and recommend effective ways of addressing a wide spectrum of health conditions through natural methods.
  • As people age they begin to perceive and understand the importance of balance in life, and that quality nutrient-rich foods are fundamental to enjoying excellent health.
  • Hypertension, fatigue, allergies, effects of stress, pain, migraines, infertility and obesity are just some of today’s too common health problems that nutritionists successfully work to alleviate.

Nutrition at its most fundamental level involves quality food
choices, ingredients and combinations daily as vital and necessary components essential to achieving and maintaining an excellent
state of long-term health and well-being.  We welcome your inquiry!

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