For years we did not know what was wrong with my daughter’s stomach. We tried many different diets and visited a number of doctors. Then we heard about Better Living Nutrition and we are so thankful for the time Glenda took to figure out what was going on. She discovered by looking for symptoms of imbalance, that my daughter had a condition where her stomach did not produce enough acid. She was able to balance this condition with lifestyle changes and supplements which calmed her stomach and enabled here to eat without the painful after-effects. We are very thankful to have been under Glenda Nischuk’s care.

Thankful mother and daughter from the Yorkton area

Glenda Nischuk has what few people have: a passion in balance with her genuine concern for others. For the twenty plus years I’ve known her, she has never wavered from her own passion to grow a healthy life, in balance spiritually, mentally and physically. That passion doesn’t stop there – she is clearly on a lifelong quest to continue learning as much as she can in order to share as much as she can with those who hunger for a more healthy way to eat and live. In the area of nutrition, I’ve learned more from Glenda than any other source. Along with the really big stuff like which are the best foods for keeping a heart healthy, for vanquishing weariness, for squelching sugar cravings and for treating certain illnesses, she has taught me to have fun with food: to make crunchy kale chips, properly dissect a mango, make tofu taste very like feta cheese and eat raw squash under a gourmet “Alfredo” pasta sauce. Glenda is a walking example of what she advocates. This Mary Poppins-like ambassador of good health through the correct use of food has positively affected, even transformed, the lives of many people in our community. As one of those people who has benefitted from them, I gladly recommend her services to anyone.

Kathleen Gibson

I was referred to Glenda after struggling with some Chronic Fatigue issues I have dealt with for a number of years. It flared up on me again right after this past Christmas. During the time that I felt poorly until I went to see Glenda, I had also gained some considerable weight. I was able to eat, but moving was another story. When I met Glenda for my first visit on May 2, 2015 we had a long consultation, and sadly I had to step on the scale. I was considerably overweight, and not struggling as much with the fatigue as I was, but it was still an issue.
She was very thorough during our consultation, and we focused on the fatigue and weight loss. She assured me that she could help with both issues, and to my delight she has. She put together a meal plan including recipes, and some supplements. Her focus was on nutrition and healthy meals that will aid in weight loss. She insisted on regular exercise which was a half hour walk every day, and stretching. She also had me fill in some very extensive questionnaires which has uncovered some of the causes of the fatigue. We have put a plan together for the fall to deal with some long time issues. She has provided me with the tools to deal with that as well.
I am very grateful for the guidance and care she has put into helping me recover. Since I started working with Glenda, I am happy to report that as of my last visit with her which was July 3, 2015 I have lost 30 pounds and my energy is miles ahead of where I was only 6 months earlier. Thanks to Glenda’s guidance I am happy to say being referred to Glenda has been one of the best things that has happened to me.
A very grateful 53-year old male client and friend

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