Natural Health Education

Presentations are flexible and can be oriented to meet most needs and objectives.  In one, or a series of talks, we can introduce, educate and discuss:

  • Nutrition, food sources and why it’s vital to our well-being
  • Illness prevention and the intestinal/digestive system
  • Addressing stress for energy and concentration
  • Eating on the run
  • Immunity, our key defense
  • A restorative goodnight’s sleep
  • Using whole herbs for whole people
  • Hydration and its effects on health
  • Prevention is the key to good health!
  • Successful weight management
  • Environmental health
  • Stress Without Distress Workshop

The services of Better Living Nutrition may be claimed under "Registered Nutritionists, Nutrition Services" if you as a company have this type of insurance coverage for your employees.

Enjoy a 30 minute or 1 hour seminar or presentation custom designed to motivate your staff to be healthy and more productive.   Call Better Living Nutrition today to discuss seminar topics and fee structure. These sessions include power point slide presentations and participant handouts.

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