Grow Your Own


There is no NUTRITION like straight from the garden, to the table, and into your mouth!   There is also no TASTE like fresh food from the garden!

Planting a vegetable garden is a healthy way to relieve stress, eat healthier and safer, provide better nutrition to your family with fresh vegetables, and get some exercise while enjoying the warm sun and environment. By planting and tending to your garden you control what you eat as well as how it is grown. You’ll be feeding your family fresher fruits and vegetables full of nutrition.


You pick vegetables out of your garden just when you need them, so they are always fresh and delicious.

Cost Savings

Vegetables from your own garden are free. Even though there is some initial expense to starting a vegetable garden. You still can reduce your weekly grocery bill by growing your own produce.

Health Benefits

When you grow your own vegetables, you control the fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide that are sprayed on the plants which can give you chemical-free vegetables right at your fingertips. Gardeners are more likely to eat a wide range of fruits, vegetables, salad and herbs than non-gardeners, even if they don’t cultivate the produce themselves. There is no nutrition on earth like from the “garden to the table!” Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is essential to a healthy diet.

Exercise & Physical Benefits

Tending a vegetable garden is physical work that burns calories and uses muscles. Planting a vegetable garden will promote good health and give you some nice gentle exercise. It provides the regular physical exercise listed in the prevention of heart disease, obesity, adult-onset diabetes and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that simply being in a garden lowers blood pressure.

Please note: Learn proper techniques so you don’t hurt yourself. Check with your doctor if you have specific concerns.

Mental & Spiritual Benefits

Gardening inspires us with hope on a large scale. We better understand the cycles of life through the evolutions of our plant life. A garden provides an oasis of calm.  It is a form of meditation, of being lost in the moment. It calms the conscious mind, developing creativity, building confidence and allowing a healthy outlet for emotions. When we nurture a garden, we increase our connection to our Creator and our sense of well being. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which help to alleviate stress and its negative results. A healthy dose of gardening will foster a good night’s sleep. Simply spending time in a garden, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells around us, can invoke a powerful sense of belonging and spiritual peace. Furthermore, gardening promotes a sense of achievement. Depressed individuals who feel no sense of control in their lives or in their environments often gain back positive feelings of self-worth by nurturing another living being from birth.

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