Far Infrared Sauna Massage

Relax as well as detox in our spa room at the Better Living Centre. Every day, our bodies are inundated with toxic substances such as heavy metals, chemicals in processed food and personal care products,  pesticides, herbicides and medicines. These collect in our bodies and can cause serious disease and sickness if not eliminated. Sweating is one way to aid in the elimination of these toxins, and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy has become the treatment protocol of choice for many detoxification programs.


Sweat it out!

The analysis of far infrared sauna produced sweat shows that is made up of:

  • 80 to 85% water
  • 15 to 20% contains: sodium, other trace minerals,  fat soluble toxins, Sulphuric acid, uric acid, ammonia, cholesterol and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

Six times the amount of toxins and heavy metals are found in traditional sweat! These toxins are most concentrated just under the skin in the subcutaneous layer of the body and are associated with numerous health problems. Thirty to fifty percent of the population does not adequately perspire; therefore they are not effectively mobilizing and eliminating the toxins in their bodies which they are exposed to each day. Far infrared sauna therapy is an effective method of removing these toxins because its effect is concentrated on the subcutaneous tissue layer. It is an easy and safe method of increasing the subcutaneous and core temperature of the body, which will cause you to sweat and to detoxify the body.


Sweating it out at the Better Living Centre can have many benefits in achieving your good health:


  • increases your metabolic rate enough to produce a sweat which will detoxify
  • helps you lose weight
  • increases your immune function
  • reduces your stress levels
  • improves cardiovascular function
  • helps alleviate pain.

Far Infrared Sauna is very safe and easy to use, while being highly effective in improving your health and preventing disease. The sauna bed here at the Better Living Centre is tolerated by many who cannot tolerate saunas.  New technology allows sweating and detox to occur while keeping the body temperature down.  In this sauna your head remains cool and does not heat up like in a walk-in sauna.  Come and experience the wellness that comes from relaxation and detoxifying.   Packages and gift certificates are available at the Better Living Centre.  Book your session today!

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