Cleansing & Detox

Cleansing is a hot topic and some people may not know what it means but trust me, it’s simple: “Cleansing” is cleaning.  It’s obvious as to why we get the motivation to clean our houses, clean out the car… but what about our cupboards, and most importantly our bodies?

Once upon a time …

  • The water we consumed was just water – not chemically enriched!
  • The food we enjoyed grew in the ground – not prepared on an assembly line!
  • We prepared our own foods – now it’s a chemist’s idea of food!
  • Eating out was a luxury – now a home cooked meal is the luxury!

While there was room for improvement in nutrient dense food availability, as a population, we were generally not overweight, allergies and food sensitivities were rare, and fatigue came from a good day’s effort.

All the many toxins we now encounter in our lives add up!


How can you start cleansing right now?

  • Go through your cupboards and get rid of foods and supplements that have expired.
  • Eliminate foods that have a lot of preservatives and chemical additives. If you aren’t sure then don’t risk it, throw it out, recycle or compost it. Pancake mixes, batters, flours etc. shouldn’t be kept in the cupboard for more than 6 months.
  • Just by adding in clean-sourced nutrients to your daily diet you are cleansing. You can use clean, kosher and organic foods and supplements to initiate this cleaning process. Now is the time to pay off that nutritional debt!   Questions?

Cleansing and Detox programs are available at Better Living Nutrition.  Let Glenda coach you by assessing your needs and implementing the right detox plan for you.


Cleansing Symptoms and Solutions

Remember to educate yourself on detoxification / healing reaction symptoms. These reactions are often called a ‘healing crisis.’ These are normal responses that your body might have while releasing toxins from your vital organs, tissues and / or fat cells. Medicating these symptoms will be counter-productive to your new cleansing program. Here are ways to reduce reactions:

  • Drink a lot of water.  You should at least drink half your weight in ounces.  For example if you weigh 160 pounds you need 80 ounces of water.  Divide 80 (ounces) by 8 (8 ounces in a cup) = 10 cups – you will need a minimum of 10 glasses or more per day.  Your kidneys use 6 glasses of water just to function optimally.  Don’t overlook this vital part of keeping your body clean.
  • Add in fiber (e.g. ground flax seed, raw fruits and vegetables) and cut back your program if you can’t handle the symptoms. A skin outbreak indicates that your liver and colon may be over-burdened or not performing at their optimum level. Be sure to start with cleaning your colon and liver.  Your nutritional consultant can help you with this.

The longer you cleanse the smaller your fat cells will become and the more organs you will clean out. Detoxing (purging your body of toxins) should only be done once you have cleaner eating and lifestyle habits in place, and you have supported your mind and body’s detoxification organs with a nutritionally dense program.


Our mandate when it comes to cleansing is to create a nutrient dense protocol FIRST. Once that is established and mind / body have been supported, you can then move into a deeper cleanse…

For help in understanding cleansing and to choose a program right for you.

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